Do you support me "To evolve Asgardia as a kingdom of peace and prosperity representing the collective desires of many, if not all, cultures - similar to Gene Roddenberry's United Federation of Planets." :

Please rank the following sub-topics by priority

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To establish protocols for first contact, colonization and extraplanetary travel. Including, but not limited to, polution containment and contamination minimization and debris cleanup. 3
To establish embassies across the globe. 3
To establish policies around work and commerce between Asgardians. 3
To found the Library of Asgardia, University of Asgardia, and establish acredation policies. 3
To discuss taxation. Let me just say tax the rich, help the poor. 3
To arbitrate disputes, especially in regard to off-world activities. 3
To get the Solar, our currency, established. 3
To develop grants and scholorships for the advancement of Asgardian citizens. 3
To support and develop 'universal basic income' for all Asgardian citizens. 3
To contribute to earthly nations in need. 2
To gain recognition by the U.N. 2

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